lean an ear to earn.
they are the big four
inside words to learn.
lets get one thing straight:
i am my own whore.
this is my escort service
for commercial success.
it’s all in the green
when sexy gets strokin
in the keys
for climatic needs,
where this back seat
is a million times better
than being in dirty factories.


people need connectors
that make them feel
their own abilities
in the energies
of invisible and visible mirrors
that surround ya.
ya have to be able
to shake things up
that aren’t the norm.
ya have to look
thru the inn door,
where society doesn’t hang out.
ya don’t need to play
a lackluster role.
that’s their thing,
and that’s just nothin but a runaround.
be your own chooser -
free swingin doors matter.
it’s under your authority
to value the strength
of your revolutionary movements
that gives hope to another
in longtime sufferings.
it’s a be there -
to show that “BEING”
is a singular word,
and i’m tellin ya:
it’s a definer
that goes beyond
the vampire movements in mainstream
of pure blood suckin rituals!!


it his here
that i leave a trail
for the critics to follow.
when it all goes well,
they are bound
to be flabbergasted
in regards to my work.
i am comfortable with that,
because i am the one
leadin them on.
so, i’ll keep writin,
and hopefully
some success will become of it.
those that flat out get poetry,
and see it for it’s value,
means there is a necessity.
the good people -
they get to see me for who i am,
when the content
written with enough impact,
gives them a sense of realness.
takin pulls from my critics,
is where i get my reward factor.
ya need them from time to time
to get your incentive to write.
because i know
my pen is my bodyguard.
though, my shield is down,
it makes me a tough cookie.
in real life,
i’m a pussy cat.
when it comes to the alter-ego,
all writers know
they aren’t to be messed with.
critics …
come on now …
i need somethin to work with.


eight years ago,
i went on a seven day cruise
that included the cayman islands,
cozumel and new orleans.
and ya know
there are a lot of ladies
that hang out in the sun
in their scantily clad bikinis
that can really make a guy
dream of being with one of them
when ya have been flatly alone
most of your adult life
in that of lady companionship.
all that tease
can flatly want to make
a man’s eyes wanna roll out of the head
and dance beside them
with so much sweet candy around.
but one night,
it got particular interestin
as i walkin down an aisle
and this young college girl
comes out of her room
in a highly inebriated state.
she tugs on my shirt
a bit as if to usher me in.
ME – being highly introverted,
and very well schooled,
i knew if i had walked
into that room,
it would have of meant
that i’d have taken of advantage of her
in light of her inebriated state.
i walked away from that,
but i’ve never gotten credit
for really anythin in my life
by makin a smart choice,
full knowin lonely guys
are seen as weak in societies eyes.
it takes a hell of a lot of writin
to show your character.
then again, i’m still a nobody
without a lady.


believe me
when i say poetry
raves in the flutters
to speak ever more honestly.
sometimes ya gotta keep sheddin
the layers of introversion.
one has to do a lot of listenin
to read through
a liars words in group settings.
they make ya feel uncomfortable,
because when ya have to speak,
ya just haven’t the courage,
because they are all people
that ya have never seen before.
ya are sacrificial to them.
it’s a shortsighted settin,
but my soul is clever -
a plotter,
and likes to bask
in the sunshine
with detectable discoveries.
little do they know,
i’m gonna do a lot of comprehendin
behind their backs
before i go to the next one.
it’s going to be
an all out assault
with the lights on,
alongside the night
each and every day
in overcomin difficult arrangements.
i’ll have to practice
a few lines below
for a quick open:
i either do it my way
and drop you words from paper,
or i’m fuggin walkin out!!


it’s all in the palms -
breezes in the sultry rhythms.
a soakin up the sun
in the hip sways,
feelin the real beats
of sensual, oh, so right
in the vibes romantic passions
that ja makes ya go crazy
in caribbean hotspots!!
who said these palms
of my hands
can’t whisper on romantic shores
in the jamaican breezes?