i’ve been workin
on this vehicle
for quite awhile,
n when somethin needs a good jackin up,
it needs a good metaphor
capable of battlin tough spots
in this erie county pa terrain
when it comes to gettin into the muddin
n bein a beast under the hood.
just gotta have the power
to feel like it’s a tackle
anythin i wanna
when i got the right wheels
to get thru the stickiest of mud.
it helps to have a nice lift kit
when gettin much deeper
to show gargantuan obstacles
can get the right model
for a little bit of braggin rights
when behind the wheel.


I wrote this about 10 years ago. though, I am not a proponent of war as I see it as counterproductive, and that I could never stomach this type of thing, I do feel it is imperative it can’t be all that easy on them either. It can’t be too early. Nothing wrong with a month long anthem as I see it.

a little bit of Christmas,
is to remember
all the soldiers in the battlefield
that want to share
in a little bit of joy
and long to be felt
while in a far away land
where the fight of tears so happen
to run a little bit down the cheeks.
it’s that sense of feeling
for us all to visualize
during this holiday season,
as the soldiers carry the burden
in their hearts at a time
when they need us
to keep them in mind
when decorating our trees
in the homes of our country
to honor them
and unite as a whole
that gives them peace
and goodwill
with a special meaning
in the traditional sense
to make this day feel more like
a little bit of Christmas.


the stranger -
the better is all that matters.
never been a fan of winter,
but mythology comes into play
with an unbelievable coincidence.
boreas – the greek god,
also known as aquilo
brought winter with him
with his harsh cold breaths.
it’s no wonder
that it has been so cold outside
for the betterment of thirty-three years
givin it all
with a hard workin ethic
dressed up like a freezer rat
on the forklift
in this small town
of north east pa,
where scholastics n sports
get the upper hand
when it comes to recognition.
can ya understand
why i can have a little bite
comin outta my words
where i did it their way?
poetry shows life
from a very hard life
without no notice
of how tough i’ve been
in this small town.
after all, my high school yearbook
is called the aquilo,
n that simply speaks for itself.
it takes a lot
of mixin life n readin
to become a maverick stallion
with maroon n gold wings.
it’s about time
that creativity gets recognition
n becomes a value in grapepicker country.


it’s a one crescent place
located in quiet peaceful surroundings
that requires -
a never ending thirst
in that of -
what makes beauty appear rhythmic
from the most sensual regions
into spiritual colors
in the dance creative
super liberated stimulant.
at just this precise moment,
is the songstress
in her fertile swaying hammock
n brings a little humor by saying,
“for art – for art’s sake!!


all great desires
intoxificates emotion
into collective arousals
to move mountains
in the plentitudes
when diggin under layers of skin
in the fortitude’s fortress
into gradual step stonin
fuller emotional art.
it takes a hunger
to nurture power,
“in a take a closer look,”
to feel empowerment
for an everclear appearance.


it’s all about
diggin into stretch runs
of elbow deep
heart throbbin traditions,
in how to walk
this life together
in being a power couple,
like two heart radios
comin together from a small town
with her beautiful paints
strokin in gentles curves
to enhance our creative canvas
in our newfound moves
to keep us together forevermore.


i’ve got all these extra layers on,
of which a carhartt coat
is the outside layer.
it doesn’t mean much to me
as to the outside,
because it simply hasn’t done anythin
for me on the outside.
it’s a hard workin
that brings absolutely nothin.
i still remember
a friend of mine tellin me,
“spice up what ya actually do for a livin
when around the women.”
i knew he was tellin me,
what i did for a livin
didn’t ADD UP too much.
so i told the women
what i actually did for a livin,
and it certainly didn’t ADD UP too much.
this is why i enjoy
comin to this work zone,
where i can at least say,
“this is my bridgehead, n if i put a picture
of myself underneath this poem, it might make a difference”.