it takes an advanced nobody-ness
with ingenuity to create life
out of those that stumble
in utter buffoonery.
all that craziness
is a platform builder
in sheer lunacy.
it’s oh so highly suggestive
that originality demands
a wild-eye stargazer in spectrums
in a sometimes grab your ankles in labor camps
that exaggeration is absolutely necessary.
being a poet
is a two-fold metaphor.
it takes a high degree of inversion
in a slaughterhouse
to solidify madness completely.
it takes a big shtik
if ya get my drift ….haha.


it’s a frenetic pace of collections
in a soul necessity
of freedom building exhibition.
fresh ideas to innovate,
is as if the keyboard
suddenly became like palm readers.
after 38 years,
it is certain that all collaborations
have yet to be explored
even as i am here
like an haute couture
wanna be guru
with an ultimate craving
as an english language learner.
the time has come
to where the fall leaves
are about to turn
into various shades of color.
how can i not help
but not to realize
that each shade represents
the very facets of my life?
like autumn is to nature,
it’s also her name
on every single tree.


i hear a shout
from my heart
that raises doubt
in self esteem confidence.

ya are the flare
of my sight
that shines everywhere
so bright.

all i seem to do
is talk about ya
without the lips movin.
what’s in store
on the other side of the door,
time will only tell?

I’ve tried to hide
fears of being alone,
but for me to be the one
to be with ya
is beyond anythin so true.
it is one moment
that never leaves me.

this heart
filled with motion
tells me vividly,
to have a chance
would only enhance
and bust wide open
to be shared by someone
and leave all the commotion
behind closed doors.


long ago,
i was nicknamed the “corn.”
just a young kid
with a bunch of underdeveloped kernels.
but as it may,
i keep comin back
to grind some kind of existence
out of all my life.
this particular ear
is just another left over
from another cob
simply to be thrown away
after the kernels
have been stripped once again.
as profound as it seems,
it’s as stark of a reality
as one can get !!



pullin things out
from these racks.
nobody really gets the feelin
when ya are done for the day,
and how brutal it can be.
it’s a worldly thing,
but here I am
sittin in the only classroom
that i care about
thinkin that a metaphor
could spur a new life,
somehow, somewhere,
and workin the chalk -
kinda like being
on a pool table again,
pickin up that square blue cube
and puttin a little pressure
on these fingertips,
where i’ve bore a hole
into it time after time
to stroke the keys.
are ya startin to see
the kind of work,
and the earntest attempts
where writing can be like
the tips of fingers
feelin the effects
of being in the freezer
after a long day?



like lookin through skylights
with endless innocence
beyond her time.
the moment -
exhilarating – so fresh,
strikingly like a madonna
all of sudden shifted
and stood right in front of the doorway.
it certainly felt
as if something magical
was about to unfold
before my very eyes.


HI !!

i’m a taste bud waitin
to bring in customers,
and feel what i’m all about.
i’ve got side effects,
and when i’m hot,
i can bring on tears.
from time to time,
i can wait for ya at dinner-time.
wanna be like your favorite dish
that ya hadn’t had in a very long time,
and not be denied.
i starve to get to know ya,
as if ya bought me in the heat of passion.
i’m a sucker for sugar,
as if i was a bowl of cereal
waitin for ya at the table.
i’m the real reason
ya reach in your pocket
to pull out some money
when i get ya really hungry,
like a recipe in a dessert book.
i long to create an appetite for ya
after long periods of time
when ya want somethin to digest.
i’ve got a huge thirst problem
when i’m too dry
without ya in my life.
i like spice to come inside,
as if ya sprinkled chili powder
in a big kettle of chili.
i only stop after i close my lips,
but no matter what,
ya are never enough !!