ah poetry !!

isn’t it wonderful

that the starry-eyed

in creative writing

is intent on following the siren call?

the one in love

with the idea of

“being” a poet.

to escape the workshirts and jeans

and hard-working values,

while wanting “the real thing.”

to wonder why poets

are so apt to write about,

“matters in the bedroom.”

at least one can find

fiction and non-fiction -

depending on where ya

really want to go with it.

don’t ya think

that poets are born

with a purposeful intent,

to kinda imply

that brawls behind school buses,

aren’t particularly equal in math equations

for the classroom in academic unmasking?

exquisite art

is to incite awestruck attention

in cautionary tales,

to prove anything of substance

requires a good beating.

ah poetry !!

it’s review oriented time -

get used to reformation acts !!


symbolism -
it’s everythin these days.
words can carry a lot of weight
in tryin times -
especially in traumatic current events.
it takes a lot of documentation
in the poetics of truth
to reach defining moments.
the immune system
takes a beating on the sides of the lips.
them cold sores
just don’t seem to go away
for very long
as they keep coming back.
it’s tough,
when ya have to open
your mouth wide
to take a bite
out of hamburger
that’s pretty thick.
it takes a lot of silent screams
in the social media outlets
over a period of time
to open the doors of justice
and raise awareness.
conventions -
it’s a little ironic
that when it comes to wars,
it’s a battlefield nevertheless
without any bombs or guns.
it can have a big impact
even from a guy
that was born in geneva pa.


in northwestern pa,
it’s no wonder
that one has to get
on youtube
and listen to simon n garfunkel’s,
bridge over troubled waters,
when you think of erie pa,
in a more than once
kind of thing
to reflect the cries
of the good people
over their needs
in a valuable viaduct
that spans over the railroad tracks.
however, on this night,
regional and local poets
will be spittin there verse
of displeasure
in a unification spirit
to generate even more attention
in a city,
where hotels and tourism
are a wonderful thing for out of town guests,
but it doesn’t take much
to realize that housekeepers
that get these rooms ready
on a daily basis
aren’t able to pad the tax base
in the city.
this city needs a solid tax base
where the good people
of erie put a lot of muscle
into their workin habits
to support their families.
it doesn’t take a math genius
to see what is going on here.
it’s no wonder
that a lot of talent
has to leave the city.
i don’t know what else to do
but work social media
to create an awareness.
wordpress -
gotta love it’s metaphor
to cross the bridge
and get to twitter
for a little exposure.
after all,
i’m just a grapepicker
from north east pa
that has a little tradition too,
and if i gotta be a like a mascot
in a little team spirit
to help the cause
in a go fund like kind of drive -
then so be it.


i am your slave.
ya are my master.
“what on earth
could ya possibly want?
after all,
think of it like,
what would make your heart dance in circles
that are powerful vibes to your existence?
go ahead and give it a try ….please.”
“ok, i’ll try it,
but it’s a tough thing on earth
to accomplish, at least for me.
if a genie bottle
were placed in front of me,
i’d rub it three times,
then it a soft voice i’d say,
i want the most beautiful peach.
the one that blossomed
every day of her life
when she was cut from the umbilical cord,
so sweet to the taste like that of peach cobbler.”
“is that your wish?”
“i wouldn’t have said it if i hadn’t meant it.”
“it’s pretty simple my friend,
ya control everything about me,
and this doesn’t have to be your only wish.
just write them down -
let those little thoughts
start to manifest
into bigger dreams.
bigger wishes though need an incredible amount
of thunder-like vibrations.
remember ya are MY MASTER,
and don’t ya ever forget that !!
prepare to have your mind blown into all the winds.”


amazed by a shower of rain,
it takes more info
than the capture of sound,
to get ya to realize,
when it hits a tin roof,
it simply implies
what is felt
from those windless days and nights
thinking of her
in modern paradise
relaxing properties
and surrounded in essence
of her strawberry candle like eyes
that always left a fragrance
of her in my soul.
it doesn’t take long,
to really know that
she’s been incredibly missed
in this highway lonesome cowboy.
it’s tough
when ya can’t just get enough
of seein her face -
cause suffocating
while she needs to breathe,
ought to tell ya,
it seems like an entire lifetime
without her strings of attachment
in her centerfold of wine
for a little bit of a country town insider
to feel her comfort,
so a lonely bird can bloom.


i take a trip
to the ruins
of the talmudic era
in search of prescriptions
in ultimate pulls of positive
ancient symbolic meanings.
it is here
i find the hamsa
(semitic root meaning five)
where i feel this incredible
on fire kind of passionate,
wanna throw my hands
in the air with pumped fists.
it is the creator’s protective hand.
these fingers of significant digits
are stroking the keys
in a subtle way
referenced to the sign of pisces
with an aquamarine eye
in metaphors with all the great fish
to thwart the evil eye.
these hands
are like double agents.
you can’t possibly imagine
how one can find
happiness, wealth and power
in a silent retreat to make me stand tall.


purple hearts
don’t have to be
those just in the combat fields.
they can be achieved
in the same manner
as to taking up causes
or bringing awareness
to issues that others
never seemed to address or identify.