it is here

that i think of something

to write down

as i retrieve the morning paper.

it seems that everything is normal.

definitely poetry in the lines.

but songs are hard to find,

in an ever so faint

just the way it goes.

i think some good spirit

is coming my way,

despite what is in the newspaper

that leaves me hopeful.

it’s that voice

that is definitely maintenance

for a little money or success

in a throw me down identity.


driven by an urge to excel

in the by-product

of real effort,

is once again a companion in power

sharpening the pen

in utmost survival,

climbing the ladder

of what’s in store,

as members of an inner circle,

like a bunch of loafers

in the capacity of development

to create a little excitement.





it is here

that i sit a bowl of chili

on a book of theodore roethke

in the mental health associations,

casting myself as a sculpting pioneer

in the caretakers of the word.

it’s dramatic, necessary in the fragments

with a desire

to find completeness

in another immediately revived –

in a get like that –

feel it as a happy scrappy

put it on the paper,

as if it’s a stonehenge religous spiritual center.




range is extreme.

boldness through un-closed blinds

in the surroundings of fitted rooms

in the hand me downs,

where direction of necessary function

in high or low vibrations,

depends on the targets of attitude,

in these lines of tension,

to wobble through

the techniques of human liberties.

always responsive in the direction

of all the arts in the manifestations

with a bunch of friends

that understand modern movements

in the bending, breaking, twisting,

and mending in the mends,

to re-shape solid screams

beyond the forces

in individual uniqueness

of the special forces

in adaptations of goodwill

as a lumberjack again

in another jack it up

of a point or two

out of these old chiseled eyes

leaving a song of here i go again!



it’s a personalogy,

bring everything in the leaps

at the first sign of possessiveness,

but never jealous,

only to utilize

a sense of focus

of a knit picking talent

in transformations working cooperatively

beyond narrow views

to welcome relationships

in the diversities

to translate into success,

even if it means

a full tilt in dependency.


this work it out

die hard poet

is after the sugar

in two mixed hemispheres,

where sorrow meets delight

in the betterment

of a get high in flight,

one world at a time

in starlight nights.

however, the pilgrimages

in the days to days

somehow has meaning

for the new year

in the erie pa area

with mafia connections

in a metaphor wordpress

work it around gang.

coffee can take sugar,

so why not give it a stir

in a serve the verse.





in the great vista’s –

it is what ya make of it.

the fortress of spirit,

beyond the naked eye,

is the source of happiness.

people in the street,

with what they are,

i am one of ya,

despite being unknown,

in the poetry

of smoke-filled high’s,

breathing freedom in the

space of horizon’s,

in the mix

of an american blue

in a robe of rays,

in the roundabout’s,

purely straight to the word.