in my board of works,

this world is going

to give bear –

a man an offer or offerings

of some bread

for sustainable living,

whether or not,

i continue to goto food pantries

in times of need.

I’d like to think

it’s a sign of strength,

rather than some better than me

thinkin they are a blank star hero

driving down the street.

radiance has a way

of showing it’s ugly face.

that’s why a metaphor

is a great thing

when I come to the food pantry

on a line by line pickup on paper,

that shows a little value –

go figure!!



it’s a hip hoppin –

wanna hit the ramps

off the charts –

in a jingle,

wanna be a single,

in this die hard world,

to stoke up the fireplace,

in a runnin be romantic –

that can well be sure

lovers will be coming here,

where old habits

of love’s burning old moon,

is a deep hot blooded –

remember we have gathered

to make the rounds

upon the stompin grounds,

in a sing along song

down a dusty road

with pop cruisin into country.




it’s a spread of honeymoons

in the honey moons

of love streams,

in all out convictions,

as if magician suddenly appeared

waving its wand,

in a great flowerful courtyard,

near a little country inn,

where peace and leisure occur,

not far away from a market place.

at this timely moment,

a wise man stood up

from a street bench,

and said, “a true miracle hides

within all of us.”



it’s a savage

get a beastly drink

in the marketing rink,

with an eye for targeting

a life to be rich

in a glory of joy,

and a smidget in widgets

bouncing off the walls in romance

in the little things.

is there room for a sing song poet

in the world all over –

where the good stuff

just drops in my lap,

like a little magic.

this i swear is a companion –

in a got something

underneath a poor

workingman’s sweat ridden

cowboy hat to boot

in a dripping poet’s manuever

with a scheme in the team scene.