i’m just a small town guy from north east pa. it is east of erie pa by about an half an hour and also sits and lake erie is part of its home front. i’m also about 80 miles west of buffalo ny. that gives you a good idea as to east and west.

sometimes life can saddle you with lots of situations that you have to wade through. it can take a long while before you really start to discover who you are. positive reinforcements do matter, but sometimes there is a lot of unintentional stuff you are those around you had no idea of knowing while growing up in the 60’s and 70’s. i really don’t think that there was any educational stuff in self help areas back then to help you identify how you function as a human being.

i’ve run this blog now for over a little two years now. even though i knew i wanted to be heard, it played second fiddle to the everyday go around with being a forklift operator. but my personal life took a dramatic nosedive, and i had to find away to vent in any way that i could. it’s good to get rid of anger so that it isn’t keep all bottled up inside. i have learned over time that getting to the pen and paper is what sees me through. however, i have some stuff that is raw and biting. i’m not very confrontational in person and that often can set me up for a lot of problems like getting pushed around and being used. it doesn’t help that i have often given far greater to boundaries to people. some will tell me that i have lower my standards, whether it be a lady or what i do for a living. the object is to move ahead and succeed.

it is my opinion that writers have to work with their pasts to get insights for the present and future. writers sometimes come along slowly and have sacrificed greatly to many of those around us. introverts and sensitive people or the mix of both need people to understand it’s not about trying to make us thick skinned. it’s about them learning to accept some validated criticism. we can learn to live together, but it’s high time that those that have sacrificed need to be heard for greater good of humanity.

writing – it’s a die-hard mechanism to keep you breathing.


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