little by little,

you established the core

within the influences

of math and sciences

and built up visuals in the perceptions.

like a baseball player at the plate

taking swings to connect,

a few lively factors came into play.

knuckleball, curve ball, change up,

slider, fastball, screwball, sinker, splitter, forkball

and a few others thrown your way,

defined the countless swings without connecting.

when it’s not your cup of tea,

it takes a while to adapt to the pitches

that have been thrown by you

with exacerbating- like circumstances.

little by little, the grip on the bat changed –

firmer and firmer with a more confident look at the plate.

the balls thrown your way

are now starting to look less deceiving,

and the hits are beginning to drop through the field.

life has a way of adapting within the circle.

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