sometimes it must be done,

and must be done in a certain way.

it is here, that the surface

resembled that of another.

it was quite different in appearance.

all the squares come into play.

every move has a pivotal factor,

and quick advances

without a studious approach

fall quickly in all the vulnerabilities.

it happens throughout every facet of life.

this is more than a match,

and when all the pieces

fall through thin ice,

it means the moves weren’t planned carefully.

eventually, the only ones left,

are the ones that matter

of which are the surrounding strength.

the queen of life,

is all too significant,

whether it be for love,

or with the word.

forget checkmate!!

this is a worthwhile escape

even if it’s recovery oriented or not.

you can bet your bottom dollar

that thin ice is all about learning

and detecting the right feels

and how to walk away.


there i was

as she took my hand.

she took me to a room

to where we both sat

as she still had my hand.

she flipped it over

and felt various spots.

i wasn’t sure,

but after awhile,

she said, “you’re a tough read.”

“i know the feeling,

it’s mutual respect,

because if you could read my palm,

you’d see all the lines

are like rivers

and that better days are head

from my souls discovery mirror.”


it’s in you –

syllables of fire

to spew with feel.

this is your cue –

breakout from behind the 8 ball.

practice, practice and practice

until you’ve become a shark,

like a hustler on a street corner –

style depends on it.

like a master, be a smoothie –

this is your voice of debonair that can sway.

make them succumb and they’ll take notice.

but sometimes it takes more than that,

and if you have to

bring out the prop –

break it into two

and hold each in both hands,

because fuckin splintered ends…

do open eyes wide

when you show them that no bullshit rules here.


great ones –

a gift for a parasite

amongst the seven deadly sins.

be not ashamed

to hand around the learned.

peer intensively in and out

throughout the brims of old lenses.

be like a wild flamingo

and stand tall in the waters

where your feet can begin it’s own journey.

pleasures gravitate in promised lands,

and the more you swallow large amounts

by drinking the wines of vice,

you will then be able

to babble like a drunk in all its folly.

beware of the poets –

they analyze too much!!


he was a little higher up.

she was a little underneath.

but it was friday,

and the tellers

had been very busy

up until closing time.

but the exchange rate

after hours under the cameras –

indeed gave new meaning

to a highly activated account

of poignant interest.

the bank president

laid the secretary on the desk

for the final transaction of the day.

it definitely was a direct deposit.


like any product,

ingenuity, repitition and transformation

in the obsession is utmost important

for the lines of any manufacturer.

up on the second floor,

there were a bunch of lines,

like black shadows

being sealed in packages

and sent on their way

down the descent of the conveyor.

that production run ran daily.

when you are working with all of this,

you have to get the joker’s mask out

and just wear it and be like a pretender,

because it’s in your best interest.

little by little the tempo picked up

for all the distributions centers.

like minor voicing chords of the guitar,

the crescendo in the blues ensues.

but when you take a knife

and open the package

and let them out,

you take the knife

and run your finger across it,

and say, that is how sharp it feels.



ladies and gentleman,

this is your station,

where one voice

out of many is coming to you live

at this radio frequency.

if you have been deprived

of everything that has meant

the most to you.

this is where you put on the dancing shoes

in the virtues of life

when finding that inner wealth.

raise the flag of independence,

because constraints tie you down,

and that is reason to celebrate.

this is like an altar

where there is justice in words

for all the players of reason.

at times let out a howl or two,

it’s good for the common man.

there is great rewards

in duties to serve

a contigent following

that begs for an integrated feeling.

like an atom is to the universe,

is much like the paper and pen,

neither is complete without each other.

be careful of the blind alley

because operations of the mind

can get lost in the wrong path.

it’s vitally important

that you discover all the bright lights

of roadway togetherness,

so that you can blend the moods

and leave silk linings even in the dark alleys.

there are devotions everywhere

in all the fabulous chants to be heard

and found in all the great poetry halls.

all you have to do is lay this down as if a blanket

and just admit that thinking is your spiritual free will!!