this is the one

without a cause,

so they thought.

but theirs lacked depth of rational thought

in the form of turn of the screws

by the use of lies and schemes.

they took advantage

of all the vulnerabilites.

is it alright if it’s an adult?

it’s hard to wonder

if they could have played the game straight up

how things would have played out.

vulnerable ones can be desparate souls,

and that can spell trouble

when manipulators hover around.

as one gets forced into a corner,

it takes a little while to find a way

to see a different light

to strengthen and protect the soul.

all that absorption

can mean better things.

there is some tingling in the fingers,

it must be some kind of weakness coming out.

this is the one

without a cause,

so        they        thought.

4 responses to “A LOOK AT THE MUD

  1. I really enjoyed this! Sorry for taking so long, I have had a very hectic day. I know how it feels to be the vulnerable one; desperate and dangerous. Thought-provoking and insightful!

    • i’m glad that you liked this one. i do want to say that my situation was from a mental beating. also, i don’t know if you caught on to this but as to the lines: this is the one without a cause so they thought. the first of it relates to me finding my writing and voice, and of course the other as to what transpired. thanks for taking the time to look at it. it seems as though that you have actually put a lot of likes to my pieces over a good considerable time. thanx for that immensely. hope you day was sweet:)

      • No problem, anytime! I really appreciate your writing. I did pick up on the subtleties of the piece. Thank you for directing me to it. My day was hectic. Hope you are ok.

      • i’m great. i’ve got my tool for life now. i did a reading tonight here in the good ole U.S.A. just so you have an idea of where i’m located and it would be like 500 miles west of NYC. i may be going there with another poet friend here soon. depends on cash though.

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