he was a little higher up.

she was a little underneath.

but it was friday,

and the tellers

had been very busy

up until closing time.

but the exchange rate

after hours under the cameras –

indeed gave new meaning

to a highly activated account

of poignant interest.

the bank president

laid the secretary on the desk

for the final transaction of the day.

it definitely was a direct deposit.

5 responses to “FINANCIAL ACTIVITY

  1. I like the humor here, but I also couldn’t help reading a bit of a theme of dominance, which is established from the start, and then ends with the he doing all the action, and the secretary seeming to be just an object. It’s very clever, too.

  2. hi dark….i’m glad that you liked this piece. i would have gotten to you sooner, but i was at a reading tonight and spewed a couple. as to the dominance, that is purely co-incidental. he just happened to be the president of the bank. it’s actually based off a real event. i use it for my own angle. thanx for you comment here.

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