it’s in you –

syllables of fire

to spew with feel.

this is your cue –

breakout from behind the 8 ball.

practice, practice and practice

until you’ve become a shark,

like a hustler on a street corner –

style depends on it.

like a master, be a smoothie –

this is your voice of debonair that can sway.

make them succumb and they’ll take notice.

but sometimes it takes more than that,

and if you have to

bring out the prop –

break it into two

and hold each in both hands,

because fuckin splintered ends…

do open eyes wide

when you show them that no bullshit rules here.

3 responses to “THE SURVIVAL GAME

  1. I like the way this has a controlled anger. The image of the pool game is perfect here, because even with the violence of the break, there’s a sense of control. There’s a sense that you have to be tough and show it in order to survive. This can be applied to so many different situations in life and many different levels.

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