sometimes it must be done,

and must be done in a certain way.

it is here, that the surface

resembled that of another.

it was quite different in appearance.

all the squares come into play.

every move has a pivotal factor,

and quick advances

without a studious approach

fall quickly in all the vulnerabilities.

it happens throughout every facet of life.

this is more than a match,

and when all the pieces

fall through thin ice,

it means the moves weren’t planned carefully.

eventually, the only ones left,

are the ones that matter

of which are the surrounding strength.

the queen of life,

is all too significant,

whether it be for love,

or with the word.

forget checkmate!!

this is a worthwhile escape

even if it’s recovery oriented or not.

you can bet your bottom dollar

that thin ice is all about learning

and detecting the right feels

and how to walk away.

6 responses to “WALK AWAY FROM THE TRUTH

  1. I like the analogy here. I kept thinking of the game “Don’t Break the Ice”, and when I play that with my son, it always makes me nervous. I’m always wondering when the whole thing will come down. Of course the stakes are much higher on real ice, but I’m nervous enough playing the game. The ice image really captures the theme of your poem very nicely. How one wrong move can cause a real disaster.

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