in the still

of the calm enchanted forest,

there was the one

with a firmer foot.

it new beauty

in all the winners,

from a spirit held high

in the streams delight wheel.

but there was the other one,

where both knees

were plunged deep

in the grasp of the soil.

he saw that his eyes

were very beat red

as if in a sandstorm.

i have made my return

from a long absence.

it is here

that a great dane be born

and become definitive

in a new path.

there is much work to be done,

if you expect your muse

to be the work

of the skillful engravers in stone,

you must release the dark air

to invite in bright air.

chase the love,

like eros riding the lion.

it’s time my friend,

i’ve wandered off for too long.

remember – take it deep,

and just keep hollering

when mixing the fire with ice.


  1. thanx dean. i’ve been looking for a new one from you. i haven’t been notified of one and have looked on facebook. so, if i’m missing something let me know.

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