this beaver is no ordinary one.

it’s compulsive ways

in its business building

says a thing or two about all the outlets.


there is ingenuity in that

these streams need dams.

it’s a busy-ness

that is all too important.


it is here that old speakers

with old tape recordings

get buried with the mud and sticks –

thus effective silencing the sound.


it’s a great way

to quiet things down

and get rid of all the annoyances.

this beaver likes to build dams,

because the soul is all about peace and quiet.

2 responses to “WORKING THE STREAMS

  1. This is a very good extended metaphor, which I always love in poems. You really commit to this, so that it could be read as a poem just about beavers, but — more importantly — it rewards the reader with a metaphorical meaning.

    • thanks dark….i like working the metaphor when they happen to come to me. after i read a bit about the beaver i found i could use with my own story of life.

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