today i walk

into the institute –

a place of building metaphors.


all the rooms

with windows of stained glass.

each room different shades.

it was that of a spectrum.


the energy everything –

the color wheel of all the moods.

this day the blues

were not overpowering –

but it used to.


all those colors of substance

in all thats analytical

are connecting points

in all the regions.


i sit at the desk

as a learning architect,

where this idea

is all about the shades of shape

in that of my head

in all of its poetry.


the only thing is –

life doesn’t give you

a crystal clear view.


life’s circumstances

of ups and downs –

kinda like stock market fluctuations,

could affect the moods without notice.

that’s an inside view!!

4 responses to “INSIDE VIEW

  1. thanx dean. i worked on this one for two days. i was hoping that i was able to blend it correctly at the latter stages. stock market fluctuations isn’t the actual, but it works for the point i’m addressing.

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