i’d like to think

if i were to write a poem,

i’d hope it would carry along

something of significance.


i mean really fuckin significant!


so, if I took a small fishing boat

out on lake erie

and threw over my heart,

it would just disappear

and be in another body.


since that is the case,

what effect can it have?


in one aspect,

it’s in the cradle of nature’s element,

and when it’s floating in the waves

there are ups and downs.


and if i were to do that

with this language as i know it

would it not still have peaks and valleys

floating in the water  like that of a life preserver?


words can be funny, though,

so, if i were to write all this

while sitting in the boat

and start replacing my heart

with lines of poetics

instead of dramatized reality,

don’t you think it might matter?

but there is my heart

still floating …


if a line were attached to it

would it be worth reeling in?


verbalizations happen for a reason.

it takes a lot of extracting to reach a defining point.


if i have gone overboard,

will my soul for a change become fuckin significant?


  1. You’re so good with the metaphor. It’s definitely your trademark. I really like this, although it also made me sad. I often wonder if anything I do, write, say makes a difference in the world.

  2. wow a lot to take in. and i feel like everyone can walk away with a different meaning. your reference to verbalizations makes me think nothing can be of consequence until we get it from our mind into the world, but that’s a risk we are all hesitant to take because it is ‘putting your heart on the line’ in a sense. and is it worth all that hurt? thanks for guiding me to this poem

    • that’s a very nice in depth comment. since i started to write again this past february and started my blog, it has opened some doors for me. since i’m introverted, not many people would have discovered that i even had a heart. i think it’s starting to show out here i’m not afraid to show what is inside. strength is in the word:)

  3. exactly! it’s hard for people to know what someone doesn’t put out. often we chastise others for not understanding us, but do we really put everything we have to offer on the table? creating a blog is the best thing you can do to let the world see a new part of yourself and really let it shine.

    best of luck!

    • exactly!!! if you take a circle, you find mainstream in it. i on the other hand am on the outer edge looking in. the observer. i’d say you are right along with me on that circle:)

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