there he stood on mainstreet

with a broom in his hand

over-looking the scenery.

he was the only one there that day.

in the courtyard, a sun-dial existed

with inscriptions of existential rays.

that particular day he took a step back

and reminisced about life.

it was like two glasses of wine

held in the air,

like a couple at dinner

to symbolized their love,

like philosophy is the rose

and individuality its petal,

its jetstreams expressed in biorhythmic fashion.

fingertips like tuners

begin to bring together

those rings of interconnectedness

for the feel of the right pitch

in the enlightenment of ecstasy.

2 responses to “TUNING UP THE RINGS

  1. This made me happy for some reason, even though there’s definitely a sadness about the scene, too. It’s like this person is in his own world and is tuning into all that’s good about it.

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