(this will be my theme piece for my blog and my next book. i  think it says something)


once upon a time

delirium hung in the rafters.


like streams of ice

running of the roofs

of tall buildings and pounding

the pavement below –

logic completely off balance.


all the inner tones

corrupted in life’s

disarrayed frictional verses.


it takes time –

a fight with god’s thunder

has left the wanderer of the peace

clearly in the dark oils.


recovery ensues …

life resumes little by little.


the dark oils

re-unite with light oils,

and the blend

churns as if in pistons

as if on a long trip.


then it happens –

ebony and ivory,

like a mini falls of a good rush.


life is all a scheme –

kiss existence with two hands.

educate a little with poetry

that bi-polar voices matter.


good things

do happen once in awhile.

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