It is the will

of one

To express it

The only way

For the sake of

Making a point.

A little style

With an ebb

That sets the tone.

The word fuck-

Does indeed induce

All sorts of connotations

And nuances.

The sound of it

Alone has assonance.

It’s an agent

That carries maximum properties

That at times

Exerts with such conveyance

That it adds

A little firepower

With such voice

To captivate the mood.

Do you like the resonance?

2 responses to “MOUTHPIECE

  1. I’ve often thought of writing a poem just called “FUCK”. There are so many directions that word can take you. Great poem about writing, because poetry is all about choosing the exact word to convey what you want — from the sublime to the ordinary and obvious.

    • i hear ya lora. it’s probably been done….hehehe. that word carries a lot of stock and the letters of it actually stand for something else and is derived from the britains.

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