the owl high up

on the tree makes the sound – hoo.

i look up and say – it is i.

all of the sudden,

i hear a voice, and turn toward it.

quite surprised, i see the the face of jim.

he interrupts, “not so fast poet,

you must circle this tree

in dramatic steps to feel the tempo

to understand expression and its ecstasy

in the form of movements,

and try to emit articulate sounds

in the language of the spirits.

everything is done in a circle

to feel its power.

at times, alter your voice

from the soft spoken …

then get real loud.

poetry is like a rattle,

for sounds far outweigh

what comes through the eyes.

art is timeless …

it is to be a rhythm maker

intoxicated with feeling,

molded in the perspective of dionysus,

the god of wine and championed

by all out expression in frenzy and spontaneity,

while learning to stand outside oneself

to understand harmony and the creative element.

over there, you must look into the fire …

sense the intensity of its embers of flames

as he points with his finger.”

he closes his eyes

and starts to spin to whirl around the tree

numerous times in exhibition,

like that of a warrior.

a short time later,

he snaps up his head and shouts,

“the poem is a ritual …

it must seize the mind and be free of the world!!”

all of a sudden,

i hear the flapping wings

and i gaze upward to the owl

leave a momentary imprint in the moonlight.

though the owl flew away,

and the voice of jim disappeared –

his spirit remains.

2 responses to “A RUN IN WITH JIM MORRISON

  1. I’m sure Mr. Morrison would be proud to have inspired this! I love how it starts off so quiet with the sound of the owl, but this just builds and builds to a cathartic release, and then the owl flies away, and you feel the power of that.

    • lora…glad that you enjoyed. it’s an older poem. everything in it i was sure about except for the owl and i got that confirmed today. jim was big into indiann culture. at concerts he would swing his mic in that of the circle. i haven’t seen anything by you yet. anything coming?

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