today is a new day.

cosmological traditions

are known amongst the people

in the sentient forms

in all the influentials

that possess the ultimate power,

like that of nanabozho –

the renewer of life.

i take this flint –

shape it like sparkling ice

as an independent creation

as if to create life in others

of whom may have had plenty of misfortune.

it is here i fine tune  it

into that of a small heart,

then mount it with the bottom facing outward

on an arrow and prepare it for flight.

this time when i send it

on its way, it will be in the nature of all naturals

and transformed in all the soothing customs

that multiplied through the air as if magical.

little by little the arrow points

began to leave the fingertips.

it was like as if spirits

in tribal music and chants

rejuvenated affection in all the joys,

as if somehow the heart

had something yet to offer

when it landed upright in a poetry circle.

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