i come home from another day of work

to this little rinky dinky apartment

of which has one bedroom.

sometimes it ticks me off

when i think of having

to sleep on the couch

for what seems like countless endless nights,

because the bedroom is for two boys.

but i have to be thankful

That I have a computer with internet capability

to be able read lit journals online

to stir me to continue my thing

and somehow follow

a pattern of living life like a poet.

maybe it was intended for me

to reach a form of skid-row

and be like bukowski

to fully understand-

it’s not what you have

that makes you what you are.

so I’ll keep this little apartment

rather than trying to impress

others in materialism.

because, well, the best way

to seek inner wealth

is right here to strengthen the foundation

for the poetry student

in the classroom of life.

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