(i’m working on a series of indian culture and life pieces to eventually have in a book. when you get to the end of this, it’s two-fold but goal oriented.)


this man with a hunch

in his back from carrying the songs

he carried, was the source

of literary conception.

it is here he scrolled

on the petroglyph,

i am longing to play

the magical flute,

like that of kokopelli,

as if to play a melody

to create fertility in life.

the time is now –

the power is everywhere.

harvest the inner talent.

work out the past

while moving forward,

because dreams

are all about

becoming a rock legend!

2 responses to “SACRED SEEDS

  1. Nice. You have some very memorable lines here, and I love the way it builds until it’s soaring. I also like the play on “rock legend”, since the petroglyphs are rock carvings/pictures, and of course the musical rock legends.

  2. for all that have stopped here and put the like on this….thanx. lora, this probably leans more on the personal, but i suppose it can have a universal feel as well. i’m glad you saw the take on the rock legend. sometimes i worry someone might take it as an ego gone wild.

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