it’s at the library,

college campuses,

coffee shops,

homes, apartments,

airports, hotels, and androids.


all around service provider.

a mushroom effect builder.


it’s all about the router –

the mover for high traffic

in all of its performance.


a piggy back feature

of creative transferables

is the poet

in all of its romanticism,

like a new aged eros

working the lines in the bookstore,

where the wi-fi signal

of a beautiful woman made the difference.

2 responses to “HOTSPOTS

  1. This is a really interesting analogy. The poet who for centuries connected people with the beauty of words, and the modern internet. Obviously, now they coexist. But, here, I believe the poet wins!

    • true true. hotspots you go to where the ladies are as well as it would relate to the network inside your mind. one has to have the hotspots. if i would have added another twist in here, it may have been really hot….hehehe. thanx for your comment lora. as always much appreciated….:)

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