in the beginning,

i had my eye on you –

so intense and strong,

i knew the feeling

was an incredible passion.


after time,

you became old,

and too common

for you to be around.


it’s like any relationship –

somebody will want you –

i did at one point…

can’t help that i need

to get rid of you.


it happens…

the poem is meant to be used.

12 responses to “I CAN’T KEEP YOU

    • arabwriter….it is two fold. the first is the positive one in that you want your pieces to be used by schools etc. the second one in being the negative is when one actually gets used by another. this piece is about 8 years old. it was at a time when i was absorbing that kind of situation. things are much better now. i have a better idea on what to look for now – a lady with upstairs capabilities is a great thing. anyways, we are kinda like neighbors. i’ve been to your city a couple of times. i’m in erie pa.

    • arabwriter….i forgot to tell you thank you as to this piece. i read it a couple of nights ago and it brought out quite the applause. keep smiling as to the poem, i’m in a happier place now just to reiterate.

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