i’ve worked this job

as a forklift operator

for over 30 years

in north east pa.


i remember the time

my forklift went off the dock,

and it left me

with a gash under my eye.

that symbolized

my relationships – lacerated.


operating that forklift

day after day

was the only thing

that kept me together.


things are different.

i’ve been working on the puzzle

with different textures and tones.

that old stuff never goes away,

but i can smooth the edges

in the experiences.


here in the real

with a little poetry

trying to show some value.

4 responses to “ROUGH CUT

  1. Very nice. I love how you relate the injury to relationships, and then show how those experiences can be built into poetry. All of our experiences enrich our writing, and the best poetry is in a life rich in moments both good and bad.

    • it was a very simple piece i wrote last night. it didn’t take much to bring it out. yes, both the good and bad are definitely what it is all about in regards to poetry. i will say, this one gives it a more real feel because i put where i’m from. thanx glad that you liked.

  2. the steel pony took ya for a stumble,
    but you got back on and continue to ride …
    bravery, guts, courage, imagination,
    these are the elements
    that help smooth the edges …
    very cool poem with value you have here Don.

    • i like your take on this for sure. i’ll have to admit operating that forklift was much easier even after going off the dock, but it certainly correlated with relationships rather nicely. i’ve been putting a mix of uplifting and reflective out here. i can’t shy away from what i’ve experienced. thanx for that super comment. i’m trying to find value Jimi. that’s my main goal.

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