why do poet’s

feel that they have to spill

their souls all the time?


can’t they leave something unturned?


look at it like this:

poet’s are not chosen –

poetry choses them.

it may sound cliche,

but they start to see and feel things –

it has to get out.

it can’t be bottled up forever.


if it was to be like that,

we’d put a little fancy design

on the bottle and call it:



5 responses to “AND THEY WILL ASK …

    • thanx lora, i feel your sentiments exactly. that is why i don’t want to do prose. there is way more involved. not only the editing, but all the weaving to prose you have to tie in. the constant re-reading – what did actually say back there….*L* will be following up shortly.

    • your absolutely right jimi. it’s an older piece also. the singing is waaaaay better than keeping it in regardless whether it is up or down. that is why my blog is a mix breed of up and down.

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