it is hard to write

when one is content!!

no sense of urgency,

when love can be written

at any given moment.

somebody is writing about it.


i’ve fallen into the trap

of the hot steamy plot –

it’s like laying here forever,

though, it’s just a dream.

that’s the beauty –

i don’t have to try

and catch the moonlight.


it would have been nice

to light a couple of candles

that were perfectly placed on the dinner table,

or to look in the mirror

the morning after

and reflected, it was nice

that she cared after all.

it is hard to write

when one is content!!

13 responses to “WHEN ONE IS CONTENT

    • thank you sheila…..i suppose this piece is kinda like the one you wrote that i commented on of yours. i wrote it about 8 years ago, but i touched it up before posting. it was a time i was absorbing more than i should. all smiles to you sheila….:))

    • thanx again jimi. i’ve never heard of the movie. i might have to check that out. this was an older piece that i touched up before posting. it’s reflective for sure. as always your comments are golden.

    • i’m glad that you loved it. it’s an older reflective piece. my blog is a mixed breed of up and downs. the downs are reflective of long ago experiences. but it makes sense to me. if one is happy and content, generally they don’t need to write.

      • that is true and usually for all the lucky ones. past history tells me i may never know, but i’m starting to make some new connections in the femme line that i’ve never had. writing is creating that.

  1. It’s true that the tortured artists is so much more interesting than the content one. What’s the saying about the neutral Swiss: in 300 years all they’ve invented is the cuckoo clock. That’s probably not true (so any Swiss on here, please don’t be angry), but the point is when one is content, they’re is no need to create. Anais Nin once said she couldn’t write in a beautiful tropical environment. It just overwhelmed her senses and she shut down. So I do believe it’s sadly true, there are very few happy and content poets. I love your work, Don. It gets me arguing with myself.

    • wow lora….that is biggest winded comment i’ve ever seen. you sure took it in very well and got past the physical part and saw that it was more. i certainly was the tortured one. i’m trying to get untortured. i think it is working. it’s all part of the process. don’t argue with yourself too hard as you don’t want to walk in the walk i’ve walked. i’m am stunned that you say that you love my work. i think i’m walking on a few stars right now…..:))

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