common sense

can be a guardian angel

if you have it.

when i was younger,

i rode behind another

on a motorcycle,

he took me for a ride

that turned my stomach

into all kinds of knots.

i didn’t expect that,

and have never done it again.


throughout life

that is the way it has been for me.

i didn’t know how to protract

on how things would turn out.

maybe it was meant to be

to take this longer route

in the tug of war

to fully come to terms

that something was missing.


sometimes one needs guidance,

and i wasn’t truly getting it

in the triangle of life.

at times is was like the bermuda –

the soul completely gone.


eventually, i returned to books,

philosophers and the poets.

a good number of them,

neitzsche, rand, bukowski, neruda,

whitman, poe, dante and auden.


it helps with the best

of modernization in all the blogs

with links like chains

propelling all of us together

in the diversities

of the word and images.


but here i am.

when there were clouds,

and it was raining,

it was cleaning out the toxins

for better days.

that happens in real life too.


but the sunshine

makes it worth it in its slow curl.

keep it up sunshine you’ll wrap me up yet.


  1. This is great. It reads like a stream-of-consciousness exploration of the path of your life. I really appreciate the honesty of it. The blogs truly are a wonderful thing aren’t they? I’ve really enjoyed meeting other writers. Thanks for visiting mine.

    • thanx emma. it’s definitely an honest one. the blogging is a wonderful thing. it’s a great networking tool as well meeting others. sure thing as to visiting your blog. the pleasure was all mine.

  2. There are so many great parts to this poem. It really feels like the reader is getting inside your thought process. I especially love: ” in the triangle of life. / at times it was like the bermuda – / the soul completely gone. That’s just so evocative.

    • lora….glad that you enjoyed this one too. i was wondering how you take to the triangle of life and the bermuda. that’s called stomping stuff there. and yes, it certainly is evocative. that’s a new piece as well. probably about a week old.

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