while bullets whistle in battle…


big sam worked at the factory

under government contract

packing bullets for shipment;

heard that a graduate from high school,

took a bullet that paralyzed him

in a friendly fire shoot-out.

big sam took 3 days off from work.




reads the headline.

it sits in front of J.T.

in the early morning,

with a cup of coffee nearby,

only to spot an acquaintance that died,

and put his head on his arm at the table.

he had seen the description of the malfunctioning part.

After all, he worked in quality control.


it’s tough times,

even in fictional times,

but i lay my wreath upon this

to rest in a somber moment,

where my eyes

close slowly in the wake of this emotive.

3 responses to “MANTRA – PORTRAIT ON KNEES

  1. Love how big sam accepts the weight of the tragedy. It’s sad, but it makes a statement about war. Big Sam might be bothered by guilt, but too many of us never look at our own guilt.

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