your writing is angry

is what that person implied

when we talked.

he went on to say,

“it’s too serious

and if i want that,

all i need to do

is watch the news on TV.

even the bands

of late these days

make me sick

because they have

some kind of message.

i want an escape;

something that doesn’t remind me

of what is around me.”

if that is the case,

then doesn’t it imply

that looking the other way

is the root cause of our country’s demise?

like homeless people caught in the power political vacuum.

why should i look the other way?

this is the reason i come here to escape.

5 responses to “TWO FORMS OF ESCAPE

    • i was wondering if i had conveyed it the way i wanted to at the end. i still might have to look at the last few lines, but the end line is the right line. thanx lora for your comment as i appreciate them.

  1. yes Don, looking the other way can lead to continued suffering for those who need help the most …
    where are all the woody guthries, the pete seegers, the bob dylans, the beatles, the ralph naders of today … where in the hell are they all, i think many are finally starting to awaken especially during this upcoming summer … we shall soon find out my friend …

    • jimi…thanx for the comment here. it’s nice you saw what i was driving at. for me it’s frustrating to see when i’ve walked the city streets at night (i don’t live in the city) and you can tell which ones are the ones that have been beaten down and i would throw some money in there cannister.

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