here in the mythical

and the magical –

a little honey

of natural infusion

to hang out

on the patio bar

to cure past

summer storms.

in a drunk dance,

she took the hand,

led the dance steps

in all the twirls

with her dress in flight.

the view of flowers

in wooden boxes

off the rails

were like fragrances of a necklace

she put around my neck.

all them colors

poured into my soul

in all the spectrums,

as she spilled out

from all of her sun’s rays

to taste her reality

through my fingers.

5 responses to “SO SEXY TO FEEL

    • thanx lora, it’s actually a take off of what you said of my rub down piece. i really do try to find those rays of sunshine. one day – one day a reality ray.

    • kailie….thank you again. i try really hard at it. i do enjoy the romantic stuff when i am in the feel. when i work on new ones, i will keep your thoughts in mind.i have a mix breed blog though. i’m trying to show some range.

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