your voice is hiding you away man.

i told you it had to

GO DOWN  this way.

you know what happens

when the boss

has a score to settle?

i’m telling you

that absolutely nothing

gets past me.

you are like family,

but i can’t save your ass.

you can’t hold back that stuff

because i want to see

what you are made of.

i want you to meet me at my place

in two hours, then we’ll see

if i can convince you on style.


sat down face to face

and stared each other down.

the boss won out,

as his influence

made the difference.

this became the agreement

that went to the mat.

5 responses to “TWO MUSES IN A CLASH

    • naima….glad that you liked this one. it’s an older piece that i touched up. my blog is a mixed breed of older and newer of ups and downs. nice to see you take a peek…..:)

      • I just loved your creations! I am certainly following you to go through the new and old – both of them at the same time cause ultimately at the end of the day I will be having ALL GOOD!
        Warm Wishes,

  1. I like the conversational tone you use here, especially since the voice is so strong and commanding. It makes it feel so personal, as good poetry is. I’d say the right muse won here!

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