i wonder

if your eyes are blue,

brown, or hazel.

could they be fresh

to read my poems

after i have given them to you?

these words

are meant to open

your thoughts

so that my feelings

run through your palms

and drift into your heart

like a raft at sea.

i cannot help but think

what love might actually be like,

it goes with the territory

when it comes to sensitive poetry.

now that your thumbs

rest on the beats of my heart – i need this escape.

your eyes are here to find

my way through all the battles.

2 responses to “GENTLE SWAY

    • susan, i’m glad that you liked it. it’s about 8 years old and i touched it up a bit. a new title too. i’ve been mixing new and the old here. i’m finding that some of the older stuff has had some value much to my surprise. thanks again.

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