that woman

who loves poetry,

is the one of beauty

with long sunshine hair

with a single braid

running down her back.

like calypso

the sea nymph,

she tended to him

in the grotto

with wonderful archways

and four fountains

in the seranading mists.

after time,

she led him outside

to a place away from the ocean,

where the hypnotic

summer breeze flows in

at a summer retreat.

they danced

in gentle grooves

as the music played

in the background.

later she took him inside

and opened the door

to the room that opened his soul

in the mists of the beautification of love.


    • i’m glad that you enjoyed this one. certainly put a lot of feel into it. also, saw that you liked “the water nymph” too. always a pleasure when i reach another from my writing. again, thanks a lot.

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