all pure hell

when the chest

inside was a fire pit.

the heart burnt

in tragic memories.

massive downs

in all the valleys.

slowly, it rejuvenated

and pumped along.

years later …

grandkids arrived.

easter 2012,

i was sitting

at a rectangle table,

and my three year old

granddaughter was sitting

off to the right side,

and my six year old grandson

was sitting across from me.

she said, ” i want to sit by you grandpa.”

so, i brought her around to my left side.

he said, “me too,”

and he came around

to my right side.

can you feel

what’s going on yet?

turnarounds are everything,

and this has a special twist to it

designed for attention.

i might be a forklift operator,

but i like being a poet better,

because it shows life.

so, i’m creating a new change.

all pure heaven.


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