all curled up

on the couch

in a distant stare,

is what happens

when the tones

of life are stricken

without any answer.

all that emptiness

in all those years,

only had the blues

in all the paths of solitude.

then it happens,

it gets off the couch

and textures added –

the pouring of soul

begins to saunter

into the sun rays.

this is what transpires

when the poem

hits the paper

and no longer

feels homesick.


there basking in the sun

is the swamp animal –

the mighty politician.

there is a natural condition

beset in the lifestyle.

especially, like any dog

that comes out of the wetlands.

experience says:

them wiffs are the epitome of a mutt.

after all,

it is understood in laymans terms –

that smelly assed dog

needs a **cking bath again!!!


(dollar values in this are just random, but you should get the drift of it)


one day

a blue-collar family

with an 80,000

thousand dollar house

and two new cars

sitting in front

of the garage

of which a small yacht

sits next to it

with swirling letters


in beautiful design

at a time

when there used to be

a blue-collar family

that used to live next door

for seven years

until massive layoffs

at a large company

couldn’t produce a profit

and pulled out

where workers overseas

liked to work –

does indeed mean

that when it’s taken for granted

by being lazy

also has its place

in regards to destiny.


i remember

when i was 15,

and i’d be in my bedroom

listening to the rock group

Rush on my turntable,

and i’d always

have the album jacket

in my lap while leaning

up against the wall on my bed

as i read the lyrics

when the music played.

i listened to them

all the time.

i was always intrigued

by their substance

in their words.

if you wonder why

i like words,

this is what started it.

music is a great escape

from the world

as a kid in school.

but when you get older,

and things don’t pan out,

you still listen to music to escape.

but words are the only thing

that can patch you up

to tell the schemers –

look who’s winning now.


this network –

a dynamic solution line

in all the downloads

from all access points

is all about the voices

blended from the chip.


what else is there?


i can’t find

another savior

that knows how to heal

the inner self

better than this.


i’ve leaned on christ

and alcohol to fill voids –

neither a magic formula.


i’ll stick to this,

because it’s a nurturer.

working the valleys

and the mountains together.

it’s all about

releasing the hatch,

like that of a convertible

to cruise in all the terrains of life

to discover what it means to be free.


what if i said

that i wrote a love poem

and put it

on the coffee table

for 22 years

and never touched it?

then one day,

i opened the windows

and the dust blew off of it.

an image of her

now fully alive

is before you.

inner beauty takes time

and is a two-fold experience.

after all this time,

it looks like i’m finally ready.


before my eyes,

this –

my love –

the shroud of protection

lifts off as if mystical,

if not venus induced

at this very moment.

inner beauty –

an antidote of physical attraction.

these forces not to be denied.

these worlds

brought us together.

this – two bodies

holding hands under a full moon.

two earthly creatures melting souls

everlasting in philosophies and poetics.

this –

our spirits devine.


A little of this can

Create an arousal

Just when you need

A little loving

That can hit the spot.

It’s a sure fire way

To set a heart ablaze

And enhance the mood

You can purely enjoy.

When it drops off the lips

In sensual curls to wrap

Around you in an embrace

That is hard to deny.

And now that it has,

Are you going to let

The poem trickle inside?


the most imitated.

some say

there will never

be another again.

great challenge

in those words.

i’ll try it, though it needs a prop.

it begins here:

i put a handful

of black pepper

directly under

a former president’s nose.

the intent is to get a real nice reaction.

i have probable cause

of what might occur.

i’m starting to see

an effect upon his eyes –

teary – they look.

it’s about to happen –

eyes squint and the head

starts to drop a tad.

i think he’s hesitant –

trying to show constraint

like a true conservative ought to be.

the black pepper has worked.

i was right – it was oily humor.