what good is poetry

if i can’t take a knife to it

and cut off the fat to make it lean?

if it is to be a feel good poem,

then there ought to be a good housekeeping,

like dusting off the shelves

to give it a sleek appearance.


if i am in a good enough mood,

because there is no grief

to share with you,

is that OK?


i am no longer a young man,

but why put up a fight

from getting old

if i am not ready to see the angels

as life is all about the seasonings.


what if i said, “poetry kicks ass,”

when images knock on the door

wanting to get inside

to let the fun times roll.


what good is poetry

if i can’t come here

to find ways

to let the word out

before it slips away.

5 responses to “WHAT GOOD IS POETRY

    • thank you naima for your comment. it’s much appreciated. it’s one of my older pieces from about 8 years ago as i touched it up a bit. it feels good that the older stuff has value to it.

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