under the moon,

works all night

deep in the woods.

this spirit runner

distills thoroughly

in the lines.

white lightning –

clear as ever

to bootleg

a mighty potent breath

with a little kick

for the poetic folk

that knows the mark

of the seal of approval

by its’ distinct quality.

enjoy this woodsy

wilderness mountain dew

as it’s settles in you

for a little warmth

to relax the soul.

4 responses to “SPIRIT RUNNER

  1. You say it’s an older one and still quite relevant, at least in my state…. ahem…that ‘wilderness mountain dew’ still runs free here in secret places 🙂

    • yes it is. i changed the title of it. it used to be vintage spirit, but when i sent it as a submission the guy said i needed to stop sounding E.E. cummings which i found odd. i suppose one could have thought that i was implying that the poem was vintage. isn’t that everybody’s goal anyways…*L*. i figured it was still going on in the woods down there somewhere.

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