i bought a book

of poetry by bukowski.

i wanted to satisfy

this hunger for the word.

i got to a page

that was not there,

except for a small

piece left in the top corner.

at this unusual moment,

i was left to speculate

about its title, “A SMILE TO REMEMBER,”

and came to this conclusion,

and it went like this:

there was a man

desperately wanting to impress a woman,

because he couldn’t come up with the words

to get her attention,

so, he went to the bookstore

and ripped this poem out,

then went on his way.

two things happened,

the thief got a date,

and poetry proved its value.

if i were to play a woman like that,

she’d figure me out in no time flat.

i’m a player with words,

but in real life i can’t play,

and it gets me absolutely no where.

10 responses to “A CHEAP THIEF MAKING A MOVE

      • Well, if ya are trying on that part then let me tell you that you have achieved your goal! YOU HAVE BEEN HEARD!I simply adore your writings, your poetry touch the chords of my heart!
        Much love,

  1. This was so clever. I like how you create a story out of finding a missing page. Very imaginative! Unlike the thief, you don’t have to steal Bukowski’s words, you’ve got your own!

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