it comes out

of the bottle.

but damn!!

this dream jeannie

is all that is left.

this is so alive

this very moment

when the picture of you,

so vividly real came into view,

it brought healing

with a prescription

of timely doses

that has been known

throughout periods of history

to be the best for any ailing heart.

this medicine taken

at intervals throughout the day,

is all that and more.

no doctor required,

but plenty of scripts required

with no end in sight.








  1. I got through this one again, as you defined, you are seeking Luck and this time a PRESCRIPTION with timely doses! Good Luck for that dear!

      • Hahaha. Really?
        This is eternal, don’t let it go!! Let the lady come and make it more enthralling than what it is NOW!

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