young at 18 or 19

with five pals,

we set out to erie pa

and picked up some acid,

of which we called “kotter blotter.”

i drove that night –

we went to a bar

in ripley ny,

by then already hallucinating.

the lights inside

were all kinds of different colors.

drinking beer

was like drinking water.

later we took off

and as i was driving

on interstate 90

we were all laughing our asses off.

eventually made to a cemetary

right in the heart of the city.

we climbed over the fence

that had steel points atop.

one thought about breaking into a mausalium –

but didn’t.

we left there

and just drove around the city,

red lights were green lights.

something must of had our backs

that night, and i wonder to this day

why weren’t just obituary notices.

after dropping everyone off,

i went home without anyone

detecting i was coming down from the trip.

it took two days for all parts

of the brain to regain normal functionality

as a milder form of partying became the norm.

10 responses to “FLASHBACK ELICIT

  1. I think everyone can relate to this very easily! You often lose your senses when you start chilling out with friends!! Was wondering where the lady would come but this one has no signs huh.. lol

    • glad that you liked naima. that was all planned. i had a rebellion streak in me….hahaha. as to the ladies. they’ve never swarmed over me. overlooked and flatly not thought of. the ones i attracted – the first controlling and insecure and the second much worse, a manipulating lying schemer. got a few reflectives in regards to that. as to any other ladies in my writing are simply of fantasy. sad but true. but the ladies like em. that will probably be the story of the rest of life….hahaha

      • I so know ya play with the fantasized side of the ladies in your poetry, I guess everyone do, when it comes to writing ! They want to give a perfect shot through the lens of their pen unlike the camera lens or far wider the field of life lens!!
        Anyways, I am anticipating all the spice up things on your blog so I am loving it more than anything now a days!! lol
        Great Day!!

  2. Don–don’t give up on the ladies yet. I had a friend (a very good poet) who only started writing to get female attention, and it worked–but by then he realized he actually liked writing 🙂

    • thanks susan. if it were to ever happen, i’d say i’d still want to write. i’ve been doing this a few months now, and yes, when i do write something that has the romantic element, i get some likes and comments. even at work my identity as to writing is now proven, women from work don’t make a good match for me. i keep plugging away on the press and maybe luck or magic will come my way.

  3. This is why I enjoy reading so much – living vicariously through others, for the length of a poem, flash fiction or a novel; in any case, one can find entertainment, heartbreak, encouragement – nothing else like it! Realizing you could have been an ‘obituary notice’ is always a life-altering moment 🙂

    • sheila, i’m glad that you liked this particular piece. i saw a piece by jenn worrell that made me think of doing this one. i might have more coming like this since this one is receiving a little attention. i could have been an obit. i couldn’t tell you how many red lights i went through, but everyone was laughing in the car. i was a rebellious teen and young adult. mis-directional too. thanks again for your comment:)

    • thanx lora. i have to admit a couple of things. for one, i was a bit rebellious and obviously mis-directional. that comes with the territory when one is trying to fit in. i’m glad to live to tell about it, but if it had happened i would have left life in a happy state – in a strange contorted kind of way.

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