late night,

at this little rinky dinky motel

in north east pa,

“the dew drop inn,”

is significant in fitting in.

i was with a group

of younger gents.

the quarter keg

on the table.

we played quarter bounce.

when the quarter

went into the glass,

one would lift up their arm,

and point at one

with the elbow facing you

to drink from the glass.

did that for some time,

then the game

began to reach a climatical end.

that pitcher moved to the forefront,

and became the show of the night.

after numerous times

of missed shots from all around the table,

a gent accurately sunk one in

and pointed his elbow to me.

i grabbed it,

started to chug.

i proceeded straight through

uuntil about 1/4 was left.

i took a brief pause,

then finished it as the corners of my lips

had drippings falling onto the my shirt,

but yet still got the quarter in my mouth.

unusual how things come into play

when physique isn’t a gift,

or being introverted seems to not be a blessing

to promote onself

in a positive light to be noticed.

here in the present

working the grit of life

realizing the perceived dangers –

didn’t mean a thing back then.

but this is poetry,

and toughness –

it’s about the quarter bounces in all of life.

it is here that this quarter into the muse

of the experienceย –ย kinda flutters its way

and sinks to the very bottom,

as i point with the elbow –

for all to please read.


    • thanx cat….:)) much appreciated for sure. i’m trying to do whatever i can to show i am somebody and that is all that matters at this stage of the game…:)

      • you’re right…:) it’s just been a long road to really see where actually belonged. i have found my niche in life…:) though it’s always been there to some degree. that’s the long story part..haha

      • WE ALL HAVE A NICHE ……;)

      • i agree with you as to life. this will make me dated as i have grandchildren who appreciate my value. i enjoy life when i’m not at the job. that’s why i have been fervently pushing the word hoping that one day it will become the dream. i’d like to hear your story, but that might take an email. it might be good for me to see. if you so desire.

      • agreed. maybe i’ll have to check out that sound apparatus you mentioned, though i don’t have any musical talent. i do appreciate you as you are such an upbeat and that is nice for me to have around…:)

  1. I really like this description and all the little details you give us of the evening and the game. I also like how you bring it back to the writing and the present with the end. I love how you change the quarter into the muse, and have the muse flutter her way into your life.

    • lora, you certainly latched onto the whole piece. when i first started it, i thought it was simply going to be about the game and then it evolved from there and created a little extra depth and then the creative ending. i was sitting on my porch with a notebook when i wrote it. as to the quarter fluttering to the bottom is two fold in that it also means fluttering to the bottom of the page. you may have saw that however. thank you for your lengthy comment as it’s always appreciated….:))

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