(a line or so will follow after the poem)



in the cluster

of north east pa

is the one of a concord

in a seedy variety

in regards to life.

those seeds pesky

as they may be,

are just like life’s blues

that need to be reckoned with

from time to time.

but it’s overall tradition

in its strength is in the pulp

with its sweet revenge

in all of the adjustments

to bring out the foxiness

upon this skin.

sometimes work in the cellar

in the fermentation

can take longer than perceived.

it’s no wonder

this cluster off the vine

from this hometown

can be pressed

to the page for you to sample.

(in my hometown concord grapes are the cash crop for jelly and or wine. there are grapes everywhere. it’s been said that north east is the heart in the regional area.)

2 responses to “OUT OF THE CELLAR

  1. Wow!!! My mouth is watery now!! What to do? Lol
    Well, I loved it, what a beautiful tribute to mother land eh!
    Great Day!

    • well naima, i didn’t expect that wonderful start with your comment but i certainly do appreciate it and the rest of your comment. yes a nice tribute for my hometown.

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