(technically not a haiku but trying too)

Beauty pours forth

Out of strength

When challenged

Out of conception.

10 responses to “HAIKU IN A CONTRACTION

  1. Elegant! Ignore the set patterns, be an inventor 😉 This stanza-like thingy came from somewhere deep down 🙂

  2. Haiku …shmy-ku! This says something. Saying what you want comes first…if you can fit it with haiku great…but, poetry is poetry. Art before tecnique:)

    • thanks anne for your wonderful comment. i suppose it could be an abstract. i think though usually it’s like obscure. can’t say for sure. here it is created from the reverse angle. i wrote it about 8 years go. i’m finding that some of my older stuff has value and that is good to see. i’m not sure if i said that my blog was a mix breed of old and new. if i didn’t you know now…hehe.

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