(this is an old piece and behind a bit as to our area, but the picture should be good)

fevers early bloom,

captures pinks horizon

in morning’s sunrise hues,

like spiked spurs

upon the heel of spring’s

stubborn budded release.

this arousal

of utmost sensual

unrelenting charm

when spring breaks everyone

out of cabin fever.

flags of summer,

like willow’s kissing

humidity’s moist breeze

when it hits you in the face,

like a hypnotic kiss

left by your significant other.

those afternoon get togethers

around the grill –

while a volleyball game,

and a beer or two

is within reach of a cooler

under the umbrella

at the beach.

that band that rocks in the foreground –

cover tunes that sound so nirvana

is memories to the ears.

after getting all sweaty,

that dip in the lake,

is all about the splash

going head first

into the wetness of all that’s cool.

3 responses to “ABOUT TO BURST

  1. Wow Donald! This one’s too good! Something great to welcome and embrace summers gently!

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