all those long days of storms

carried me out to sea,

which left me cold inside

throughout the years

of absorbing responsibilities

of unequally yoked relationships –

like dropping two eggs from the hand

and unto a floor.

isolated and fragmented

and faded into the endless nights –

the soul stained

from the look in desperate eyes –

like the flailing of arms

when one can’t swim –

it’s like that

when you feel like a failure.

slowly and slowly i kept sinking

away from it all.

before that time out finalized,

you caught me before it was too late.

then you rolled into me,

like a wave and carried me to the shore,

and rescuscitated the life into me.

once the blurr of delirium

slowly began to fade,

a voice hauntingly emerged

directly in front of my eyes

with the lines of escaping magnitude.

“if you leave behind of all you want,

the ultimate love will always elude you,

and there will be no meaning

until you begin to feel

that inner soul of which time has left

in those swelling capsules of heart and mind.”

6 responses to “COVER ME FOR LIFE

    • thanx lady R and very appreciative of your comment. i put a like to your vultures, but i’ve gotta reboot i think. it’s not showing the commenting section.

      • Ah Don…nope…I’ve closed the commenting on it for a reason…this week was tough in and out of WP…all lifes turmoils it the fan at the same time…I did not want to hear the thoughts on it, just in case the ‘vultures’ thought they could touch it…I won’t let them:)

      • R….i understand what you mean. i’m with you in spirit. i had one in particular as to the femme – the second one – hence how this piece was formed. and yes, don’t let them from either end:)

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