Weathered life

Runs through me

Where the dream

Used to hang around.

Now that you’re so far away,

Is there reason to believe

That the sun will ever shine?


Those old clouds

In the home of my heart

Left darkened trails

Under my eyes

From night after night

Without any sleep.


The distance

Between you and me

Never was supposed

To be this way.

Now the beautiful sky

Is so empty

When you disappeared.


How could I not see

This falling out?

I’m not sure

That the sun will ever shine.


Come to me.

Make me believe

I can carry on

To chase that dream

7 responses to “SO FAR AWAY

      • muse is a bleak writers world. This I understand well…Hope you’re well, Don:)

      • yes, i am well. just simply testing this old piece out to see how it would fare out here. that piece is about 8 years old. and yes, i was feeling that way back then.

      • Well it’s good…age has no meaning in poetry:) That’s good since we’re all aging outside of it.

      • thanx R…the trend i usually see if they are dark with no upside at the end, at least from what i see is that they don’t get as many hits which is understandable. gonna be hitting the hay here soon….so you have a great night and tomorrow:))

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