there is this girl

that works as a bartender

not very far

from where i live.

after having a few drinks,

i finally got the courage

to ask her

if she liked poetry

just a little bit,

and i was surprised she did like it.

she was a complete stranger,

and i’ve always

had great struggles

in how to start a dialogue.

i showed her a poem

from my site on wordpress

with my android.

after she read it,

she said, “did you write this?’

i said i did and thanked

her immensely for taking the time.

i told her i was a localite

and i’d be back around.

i went back the following saturday night

and stuck around for a few hours,

and after the crowd died down,

i showed her another one

that she also liked

if i hadn’t shown

her that first poem,

i would have never gotten

her first name.

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