the most imitated.

some say

there will never

be another again.

great challenge

in those words.

i’ll try it, though it needs a prop.

it begins here:

i put a handful

of black pepper

directly under

a former president’s nose.

the intent is to get a real nice reaction.

i have probable cause

of what might occur.

i’m starting to see

an effect upon his eyes –

teary – they look.

it’s about to happen –

eyes squint and the head

starts to drop a tad.

i think he’s hesitant –

trying to show constraint

like a true conservative ought to be.

the black pepper has worked.

i was right – it was oily humor.

2 responses to “BE LIKE BUKOWSKI

  1. I like your sense of humor. Bukowski would approve. Wasn’t it he who said: “An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.” You really captured that spirit here, with the short, quick lines and easy language. Yet this has substance, too. Of course, don’t try to put pepper under Bush’s nose. He still under Secret Service protection, and you know what Bukowski said about jail. “I don’t like jails; they have the wrong kind of bars.” I think I butchered the last quote, but you get the picture… 🙂

    • you got everything right here as far as the quotes. that’s an old piece too. i brought it out of the woodwork just to see what would happen. i knew i didn’t have to say the name as he has enough magic about him anyways….laugh and smile here.

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