A little of this can

Create an arousal

Just when you need

A little loving

That can hit the spot.

It’s a sure fire way

To set a heart ablaze

And enhance the mood

You can purely enjoy.

When it drops off the lips

In sensual curls to wrap

Around you in an embrace

That is hard to deny.

And now that it has,

Are you going to let

The poem trickle inside?

8 responses to “SLOW MOVER

    • thanx lady R for smile on this one. you’ll have to check the twinkle one just before that, you might get a kick out of it. kinda like a haiku but not – when you get time of course

    • thank you sheila and glad that you said good stuff. i’ll follow up with a little story. it blends in with this one and the last one you liked. that is the one that was called a “a little help is required” just to refresh you.

      • i’ve shown three pieces to the young lady at the bar of which i’ve went 3 saturday’s in a row. she’s liked all three of them. this recent one you see now is actually an older one with a new title and touch up. not effectively a series.

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