this network –

a dynamic solution line

in all the downloads

from all access points

is all about the voices

blended from the chip.


what else is there?


i can’t find

another savior

that knows how to heal

the inner self

better than this.


i’ve leaned on christ

and alcohol to fill voids –

neither a magic formula.


i’ll stick to this,

because it’s a nurturer.

working the valleys

and the mountains together.

it’s all about

releasing the hatch,

like that of a convertible

to cruise in all the terrains of life

to discover what it means to be free.

8 responses to “THE POWER SOURCE

  1. I wrote a piece about this support of strangers…it is a scary to think what would happen..if all the satelites fell from the skies. excellent work!

    • thanx for your comment LadyR. it certainly does relate to the satellites and computers and is also two-fold as to the mind being that same network. the title is weak. i’ll probably try to come up with something better.

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