(dollar values in this are just random, but you should get the drift of it)


one day

a blue-collar family

with an 80,000

thousand dollar house

and two new cars

sitting in front

of the garage

of which a small yacht

sits next to it

with swirling letters


in beautiful design

at a time

when there used to be

a blue-collar family

that used to live next door

for seven years

until massive layoffs

at a large company

couldn’t produce a profit

and pulled out

where workers overseas

liked to work –

does indeed mean

that when it’s taken for granted

by being lazy

also has its place

in regards to destiny.


    • i see it around me, and there is a development in erie pa in regards to GE and i hear all the time that there are a lot of workers there that carry that stream of consciousness. for example a forklift driver makes 26.00 an hour and that is what i do and i only make 16.00 an hour. the union rep there says, if i make only 16.00 an hour it’s not a career and he would move on. so, how many 26.00 an hour forklift jobs are out there.

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